KGF: Chapter 2 box office collection day 37: Day Wise Box Office Collection

South superstar Yash’s film KGF Chapter 2, which was released on April 14, is not taking its name to stop even on its 38th day at the box office. The film earned a whopping 53.95 crores on its first day at the box office. And since then this film is earning a lot at the box office. And the film earned Rs 193.99 crore on its first weekend.

Kgf chapter 2 box office collection

And this film has so far earned Rs 430.95 crore at the box office. And The film has also surpassed Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhaakad on its 37th day at the box office. The film earned Rs 81 lakh on its 37th day. On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhaakad has earned only Rs 20 lakh And Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhaakad has proved to be a flop at the box office. On the other hand, KGF Chapter 2 has proved to be an all-time blockbuster at the box office.

Day 1₹53.95 cr.
Day 2₹46.79 cr.
Day 3₹42.90 cr.
Day 4₹50.35 cr.
Day 5₹25.57 cr.
Day 6₹19.14 cr.
Day 7₹16.35 cr.
Day 8₹13.58 cr.
Day 9₹11.56 cr.
Day 10₹18.25 cr.
Day 11₹22.68 cr.
Day 12₹8.28 cr.
Day 13₹7.48 cr.
Day 14₹6.25 cr.
Day 15₹5.68 cr.
Day 16₹4.25 cr.
Day 17₹7.25 cr.
Day 18₹9.27 cr.
Day 19₹3.75 cr.
Day 20₹9.57 cr.
Day 21₹8.75 cr.
Day 22₹6.30 cr.
Day 23₹3.85 cr.
Day 24₹4.75 cr.
Day 25₹6.25 cr.
Day 26₹2.35 cr.
Day 27₹2 cr.
Day 28₹1.85 cr.
Day 29₹1.70 cr.
Day 30₹1.23 cr.
Day 31₹2.14 cr.
Day 32₹2.98 cr.
Day 33₹1.24 cr.
Day 34₹0.95 cr.
Day 35₹0.90 cr.
Day 36₹0.81 cr.
dhakad total collection

Where this film has earned Rs 430.95 crore in the Hindi language only. At the same time worldwide this film has earned Rs 1227.68 crores. And this film can soon earn 1250 crores. The film stars Kannada superstar Yash along with Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty and Raveena Tandon in the lead roles. The film has become the second highest-grossing film in the Hindi language. And has become the third highest-grossing film in terms of earnings worldwide.

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